Dogs have always had a reputation for being man's best friend - and for good reason! So many of us would be lost without our canine companions by our side. Many of us have fond memories of our family dog while we were growing up, that familiar wagging tail greeting us when we get home from work, a silent friend when our emotional tank is running on empty.

Our dogs give so much to us, and it's only right we give the same quality of love and care back to them. Diet is a huge part of a dog's life, and quality nutrition leads to a happier, healthier dog that will stand loyally by your side throughout life's many ups and downs.

Hemp Oil is a fantastic way to repay our dogs with premium, quality care. With the perfect ration of Omegas 6:3, antioxidants and the soothing anti-inflammatory properties, it is the ideal supplementation to a dog's feed to ensure your dog is receiving optimum nutrition and is feeling their best.

100% Natural, and totally Chemical Free!

Hemp Oil Elixir is a fantastic addition to the diet of dogs with skin conditions or irritations.

Hemp is an incredibly powerful and versatile plant, and has its own natural defences against pests. This means hemp is a sustainable crop that can be grown without the use of pesticides, and also has no need for chemical fertilisers. We are proud to produce a product that is all natural, and contains no chemicals. Just pure, healthy nutrition for your dog.