Hemp for Horses

For the horse lover, our horses are more than just our pets. They are our partners, our friends, and often a way for us to escape the stresses of the "real world." With our horses offering so much to us, the least we can do is provide them with the utmost attention and care.

Supporting your horse's health ensures they maintain condition, remain sound, and are healthy from the inside out, allowing them to feel their very best so we can continue to enjoy our time spent with them - whether that's riding on a casual trail, competing at high level shows, or enjoying them from the ground.

Adding hemp to the diet of your horse can provide a fantastic supplement to balance his or her current feed. Hemp provides a range of benefits for horses, from anti-inflammatory relief for conditions such as Queensland Itch, to boosting weight and condition, providing a cool, slow release energy source for competition horses, and supporting the joints of working and performance horses.