Hemp pellets for livestock

November 26, 2021

Hemp pellets for livestock

Hemp & Biochar Pellets for Livestock


 hemp pellets for livestock

Why feed pellets?

Feeding pelleted feeds has been practiced in the livestock world for years and years.

With a totally balanced feed ration compressed into a pelleted form, animals are unable to sift through a ration to pick out the bits and pieces they prefer. Pelleted feeds are a great way to ensure that your herd is receiving all the nutrition that they need, without missing vital elements that may be in certain ingredients that they otherwise wouldn’t eat if given the choice. A good quality pelleted feed may also enhance feed conversion ratios in livestock.

hemp and biochar pellets for cattle

Feeding hemp to Livestock

Hemp has a multitude of benefits to livestock when added into their diet. High protein available in hemp is essential for growth, muscle development, and conditioning of animals. It is also a fantastic source of fibre, which animals use to convert to energy. Hemp is full of Essential Fatty Acids (more commonly referred to as Omegas), which are crucial for reproduction and fertility, inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses, brain development and more.

Adding hemp into a balanced and nutritionally complete pelleted food source for livestock will provide them with all the nutrition they need to thrive. Hemp pellets are becoming widely popular in the beef cattle industry, as well as the poultry world, and many herd owners are reporting great results in overall condition of their animals when fed hemp pellets.


What is Biochar?

biochar for livestock and soil amendment

Biochar is the by-product of heating biomass (charcoal), and is dense with carbon. Biochar is being used to sequester carbon in the soil, and is being used for soil amendments and maintaining soil fertility.
The NSW Department of Primary Industries states: “Biochar may be an immediate solution to reducing the global impact of farming (and in reducing the impact from all agricultural waste). The burning and natural decomposition of trees and agricultural matter contributes a large amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere. Biochar can store this carbon in the ground, potentially making a significant reduction in atmospheric Greenhouse gas (GHG) levels; at the same time its presence in the earth can improve water quality, increase soil fertility, raise agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on old growth forests.”



Hemp & Biochar Livestock Pellets

Doonan Feed Company’s Hemp & Biochar livestock pellet is an all-round feed ration designed to boost condition and enhance the nutritional wellbeing of livestock, as well as return carbon to the soil and improve pastures in a biodynamic cycle designed to assist farmers in all aspects.

With herd health being of such great importance to farmers and livestock owners, Hemp & Biochar pellets aim to not only support the health, condition and maintenance of animals, but also improve pastures and soil quality which will enhance grazing in following seasons. This is especially important in pasture-raised animals, as the quality of the forage they feed on is paramount and directly linked to the health of the animals grazing them.


improved pastures biochar and hemp for livestock

Doonan Feed Co’sHemp & Biochar Livestock Pellets are available Australia-wide. Ask at your local feed or produce store today to order in for your herd, and start improving your farming.




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